About Us

Mind Kandy Suite cards are lifestyle greeting cards that cater to one’s sentimental side by capturing everyday life events and emotions in a comical, sometimes sarcastic yet lovable manner. Our cards are written using urban vernacular and colloquialisms coupled with witty rhyming wordplay. All images highlight people of color celebrating the important moments of their lives. They are created for lighthearted people who aren’t extra “deep” but want to show and send love.


Meet Kaia Benjamin (The Owner)

I’m a Boogie Down Bronx native, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. I celebrate and marvel in thought-provoking conversation, witty comical relief, kickbacks, and 90s R&B and Hip Hop. I created Mind Kandy Suite because I simply didn’t see greeting cards that resembled my friends or myself and highlighted our everyday lifestyles and casual conversations. I personally ideate and illustrate all of the messaging and images in every card to ensure the person receiving it feels genuine love.